capellini @ garibaldi

Dear fellow tasters,

My one day Singapore culinary journey nearly came to an end and what would be nicer than to end the evening with an Italian dinner at one of Singapore’s finest.  A brief research during the itinerary planning led me to Garibaldi, an Italian restaurant located near Raffles Hotel and within walking distance from City Hall MRT.  This restaurant gave out an intimidating feel, from the price tag on the menu and the exclusive outward appearance, but once I stepped over the front door, a friendly hostess politely greeted me and welcomed me to sit on a high stool, somehow a bit weird for a restaurant.  However, it eventually dawned on me that the room was a bar area when the hostess guided me to a dining area in the adjacent room.  The dining area was pretty deserted when I first entered, but during my dinner, some more guests were coming in two other tables.  The room was not very spacious but nicely cozy, dimly-lighted, and atmospheric, suitable for a dinner date or other special occasions.

Once seated and given the menu to browse around, I decided to have a glass of the house white wine to accompany the dinner which proved to be a very nice drink for that special evening.  As for the food, I ordered the scampi soup for appetizer, and the cappelini or angel hair pasta for the main.  Meanwhile waiting for the food and taking a sip of the wine, complimentary bread was served with olive oil and vinegar and to accompany the bread was a tiny serving of spinach flan (if I actually heard the waiter correctly).  The bread was brought fresh from the oven and I especially liked the top layer of the bread which was crunchy and tasty.  The flan was a bit salty and creamy which was just perfect to awaken the taste buds.  The soup appeared next in a beautifully-shaped bowl.  The tarragon and tomato taste in it was light and delicate, although the scampi (langoustine) was somehow scarce in appearance.  The capellini was delightful with a subtle tomato and basil taste in the sauce, served with cuts of half spiny lobster and sweet peas.  Altogether, I already felt full, so I regretfully declined the dessert offer though I might just go back there some other time for it.  It sure was a delightful ending to the evening and I would definitely say that Garibaldi might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a wonderful Italian gourmet experience with a subtle refined taste and excellent service in a semi fine-dining setting.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – definitely loved all the food
What to order next time – the menu degustazione sure looked very appetizing
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $$$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 3 star


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