The Connoisseur Concerto

coffee and cookies @ the connoisseur concerto

Dear fellow tasters,

Continuing my one day Singapore culinary journey, after browsing around and a little bit of shopping at Borders and Ion Orchard, I decided to rest my feet at a coffee shop slash bistro restaurant inside Ion called The Connoisseur Concerto or simply shortened to ‘tcc’.  What I ordered was the promo high tea set (which I knew from a friend’s facebook photo and also tcc website), actually for two, but what the hell, I thought I would just finish them all myself *grin*.

The coffee appeared first and it tasted quite nice.  I also liked the tiny cookies that came with the coffee.  The food appeared next.  In a white rectangular plate were canapé-like mini sandwiches, two pieces of scone with cream and jam, and two cute pink heart-shaped raspberry macaroons.  The mini sandwiches were fairly enjoyable but I particularly liked the chocolate and fruit scones, served still warm and tasted delicious with the cream or jam.  The cute pink macaroons were sweet and a perfect companion to the sour raspberry inside.  Apparently I forgot to mention the mini tiramisu, which was just a delightful end to the high tea, or is it high coffee?

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – loved the scones and macaroons
What to order next time – might try different coffee blend and other food menu
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star


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