Chikuwa Tei

chirashi set @ chikuwa tei

Dear fellow tasters,

For this post and the next two posts, I will digress on the location of the food venue to the neighbor lion city.  Initially, I was supposed to go on a one-day Singapore culinary journey with a friend but she canceled at the last minute, leaving me planning the itinerary by myself and this place was the one I think of to have lunch at.  I know this restaurant from a couple of years back when I had to go to Singapore on a work travel and a friend brought me to a small Japanese restaurant on Far East Plaza called Wasabi Tei.  I had a great meal there and actually wanted to revisit that place but when I browsed the internet about it, most people said that the famous ‘nazi’ chef who used to run the place now open his own restaurant on Mohamed Sultan Road called Chikuwa Tei.  When I arrived there, the place certainly looked nicer and bigger than Wasabi Tei, albeit a little quiet for a late lunch probably because it’s a weekday.

I ordered what I already had in mind from reading the reviews from the internet blogs and they were the chirashi sushi set, chawanmushi, and unagi nigiri sushi.  While waiting for my order, hot ocha and the complimentary appetizer were served.  I’m not really sure what was in the appetizer but it was tasty and yummy.  Then, the chirashi set appeared, complete with misoshiru, pickles, and watermelon slices.  The chirashi sushi was raw fish paradise, definitely loving the thick-sliced salmon, salmon belly, and tuna sashimi, tamago (egg), scallop, and two other sashimi I’m not sure from what fish (I think one is yellow-tail but not sure about the other white chewy one), topped with a dash of delicious uni (sea urchin egg).  The chawanmushi and the unagi nigiri were served next.  It was a bit weird cause the chawanmushi that’s supposed to be an appetizer was served after the main course but I guess that was because it took a while to prepare the dish.  Nevertheless, I can say that the chawanmushi was probably the best I’ve ever had.  It was soft and delicate, and crammed with bits of prawn, shimeji mushroom, chicken, crabstick, and yellowish glass noodle.  The unagi nigiri was a bit disappointing because it was in smaller cut than what I had back in Wasabi Tei and the unagi tasted like it comes from a frozen pack, not freshly grilled.  All in all, it was a filling lunch and I would still want to revisit Chikuwa Tei to enjoy their other menu selection.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the chirashi sushi and the chawanmushi
What to order next time – more sashimi, or maybe the codfish hotpot
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star


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