Bakmi Aboen

bakmi lebar spesial aboen (special wide noodle)

Dear fellow tasters,

This noodle shop might be stuck in a small alley somewhere in Pasar Baru shopping area, but for a taste of good-old ‘bakmi’ (Chinese noodle, usually with chicken or pork), it’s definitely the place to go.  Bakmi Aboen might not be a restaurant in a five star hotel or a noodle joint in a nice shopping mall, but I will definitely keep coming back there just for the ‘bakmi spesial’ (special noodle).  In the ‘bakmi special’, expect to find great noodle with pork and mushroom, topped with more pork – slices of cha siu and crunchy layered roast pork, and my favorite, the crispy fried pork fat.  Other menu I’ve tried and also definitely worth ordering would be the ‘bakso goreng’ (deep fried meatballs) and the ‘nasi campur’ (mixed cha siu and roast pork rice).

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – ‘bakmi spesial’ and ‘bakso goreng’
What to order next time – curious about the ‘lo cu pan’ (some kind of thick noodle)
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 1 star
Service rating – 1 star


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