yoshinoya original beef bowl

Dear fellow tasters,

When this so-called ‘Japan’s No. 1 Beef Bowl’ first opened its outlet in Grand Indonesia, queue was crazy long and ‘must really try this soon’ was what crossed my mind.  First visit was with some ex-colleagues and the queue looked bearable so we went for it.  My order was the original beef bowl package meal which already included miso soup, fried side dish, and refillable ocha.  For less than 50k rupiahs for a package meal, the price was surprisingly affordable.  Taste-wise, the beef was quite delicious and tender with plenty of fat layer which is still tolerable for me and can be really enjoyable for some people.  The fried stuffs tasted just fine and the soup was a bit salty, however I feel that the beef bowl size was a bit small.  Later on a revisit, they actually offered an option to upsize the beef bowl for only 5k which I think was a pretty good deal.

Other menu worth trying would be the combo beef and teriyaki chicken which would be perfect for a fulfilling meal and my favorite yakiniku beef bowl which I think is much tastier than the original one.  I also particularly love the red salty ginger pickle which adds a unique flavor to the beef bowl.  For a fast food joint, I can say that Yoshinoya is a great addition to the fast food restaurant chains in Jakarta.  Ambiance was not that great but hey, if you happen to be seated near the fountain show and it’s time for the show, it’s actually quite nice.  A little complaint from me is that service really need improvement especially the part where customers actually need to come to the counter just to get an ocha refill.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – yakiniku beef bowl
What to order next time – haven’t tried the veggie beef bowl and other side dishes
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star

twitter: @yoshinoyaID


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