Nanny’s Pavillon

nanny's pavillon

Dear fellow tasters,

It was the ladies from my former workplace who suggested this restaurant in the first place when it opened a branch at Citywalk Sudirman which is very close to their Sudirman office.  Nanny’s Pavillon actually originates from Bandung but recently they’ve opened several outlets in Jakarta, each with different homey Western/French vintage theme.  I’ve been to a couple outlets, the one in Citywalk with a living room theme and another one in Pacific Place with a bathroom theme (which I think is nicer).  I personally liked the whole warm cozy cutesy concept of the restaurant with the aproned ruffled waitresses, cutely-designed chopping boards for place mats, and interior design which wonderfully matches the theme.

As for the menu, I can’t really say that it’s French.  I would just categorize it as Western, with most choices are pancakes or waffles, both sweet tasting or cheesy and savory.  Other menu selections are pasta, baked rice, steak, and other appetizers such as the dad’s favorite fries and the arlene’s stuffed mushroom.  For drinks, there’s the refreshing and fruity mango or blueberry nanny’s cocktail which is perfect for sharing.  Overall, I can say that the food was pretty much enjoyable for such affordable prices.  With the nice decor and ambiance, no wonder this place always looks packed during meal times though some improvement in service could really help the customers feel much more cozy and comfortable.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the blueberry cheese roll pancake tasted pretty nice
What to order next time – haven’t really tried much of the sweet pancake/waffle menu
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star


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