australian lamb shank @ bibliotheque

Dear fellow tasters,

It was another birthday dinner and my friends and I were pretty excited to try Bibliotheque, which is located on Sampoerna Strategic Square and supposedly one of the coolest place in town.  We arrived a bit early that evening and were welcomed by the friendly waiting staffs into the relatively quiet dimly-lighted high-ceilinged lounge.  To say cool was probably an understatement, impressive was more suitable to describe it.  Upon entering, what caught our eyes the most was the drinking lounge and lavish bar with a background of wooden bookshelves reaching to the ceiling which made us feel like we were in an old elegant library in a royal mansion somewhere.  And on the left where we were seated was the dining area which is opulently furnished with black leather sofas, marble-topped tables, golden-framed mirrors and a wooden staircase which leads to a private mezzanine level.

Having enough taking in the decor and interior stuffs, we quickly turned to the menu which is a mix of international selection, mostly western and middle-eastern.  For appetizers, we ordered the oz steak bites and mix platter samosa and for mains we chose duck leg confit, australian lamb shank, and spring grill chicken.  I personally enjoyed the steak bites which were quite tender and served with salty and herby fries.  The mix platter samosa came in trio, each with beef, chicken and veggies filling and they were pretty tasty.  Next, the duck confit was a little bit bland to my taste though still enjoyable.  The lamb shank and chicken both appeared with middle-eastern brown rice and bread sides.  The lamb shank was huge but surprisingly tender and the spring chicken was plenty ordinary.  I would rate the mains to be satisfactory, but definitely improvement in taste and presentation wouldn’t hurt anyway.

I would say that Bibliotheque is the place to go to drink some cocktails or for a party rather than a dinner.  I would still definitely go back there just for the sake of the ambiance.  Also, service was quite excellent and we were very impressed by one of the outrageously friendly and campy male waiter who pretty much entertained us that night as well as helped us to take some pictures there.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – enjoyed the appetizers more than the mains
What to order next time – haven’t really tried the desserts and the drinks, might go back just for some cocktails
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $$$
Ambiance rating – 4 star
Service rating – 3 star


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