Mbah Jingkrak

mbah jingkrak

Dear fellow tasters,

If you’re craving for some spicy traditional Javanese cuisine, then this restaurant could be just the right destination.  Snugged away in Setiabudi area just near Four Seasons hotel, Mbah Jingkrak (literally means hopping/jumping grandma) with a matching mascot statue just upfront, offers a humble affordable eatery with a selection of ready-to-serve Javanese dishes, most of them deadly spicy.  Upon entering the place, the food is what you will see first and you can browse around, choose, point, and order to your heart’s desire and they will be delivered to your table.

Some of the dishes you can choose from are beef, chicken, and fish cooked in different ways such as ‘asem-asem daging’ (beef in spicy and sour soup), ‘bawal pedas’ (chili fried pomfret fish), and choices of barbequed, fried, or spicy hot chicken.  You might also try the vegetables selection such as ‘daun singkong’ (cassava leaves) and ‘sayur genjer’ (some kind of water spinach) or the fried side dishes such as ‘perkedel’ (traditional potato croquettes), ‘tahu tempe bacem’ (tahu =  tofu, and tempe = traditional fermented soy beans, cooked with palm sugar and other spices), or ‘krecek’ (from beef rind, usually cooked with coconut milk and chili) and many more.  And to make them spicier, point at some ‘sambal’ selection such as ‘sambal terasi’ (with shrimp paste) or ‘sambal tempe’.  Just beware that if you see a dish with chili in it or looking pretty red that it might be deadly hot and spicy so don’t forget to order something sweet to drink or some iced dessert to cool down.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – ‘asem-asem daging’ and the hot spicy chicken dish I can’t really remember the name of
What to order next time – will try other dishes I haven’t tried
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star


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