Tony Roma’s

star-studded sampler @ tony roma's

Dear fellow tasters,

I’d say there’s probably no place better for baby back ribs than Tony Roma’s.  This famous restaurant chain has existed like forever in Jakarta but it still remains faithful to its ‘famous for ribs’ slogan.  That afternoon, my friends and I went to the Panin Centre restaurant and here’s what we initially ordered: the appetizer sampler, the star-studded sampler and some mocktails.  Complimentary bread and butter were served while we waited for our food.

The appetizer sampler started our lunch with three appetizers in one plate: the fire wings, potato skins, and mozzarella sticks complete with three dipping sauces.  Yummy…  Other appetizer that you might want to try would be the huge and tasty onion loaf.  Since my friends were Tony Roma’s first-timer, the star-studded sampler was a perfect choice because we got to taste their specialty baby back ribs in four different version, the original baby back ribs with BBQ sauce, the sweet Carolina honeys, the spicy Red Hots, and the Blue Ridge Smokies.  The ribs were also served with our choice of baked potato and corn on the cob.  Double yummy…  Our mocktails were quite refreshing though we couldn’t really tell the difference between the shirley temple and the pink panther.  Feeling a bit satiated, the three of us still had room for the apple crisp, a wonderful combination of sour baked apple, crumbs, and vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce.  We left with a happy tummy and I would be sure to go back there again if I had a chance.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – baby back ribs, onion loaf, apple crisp
What to order next time – the seafood and steak selection, or the St. Louis-style ribs
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $$$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star


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