Ramen 38 Sanpachi

ramen 38 sanpachi

Dear fellow tasters,

Before the first time I ate at this ramen place, I had always heard about how good their ramen is especially their hot/spicy ramen and it trully is.  Ramen 38 Sanpachi has several outlets across Jakarta, recently also in several shopping centers, but the original outlet is the one on Jalan Melawai Raya one floor above the Kamome Japanese supermarket. The place may be small and not air conditioned, but during meal times you can always expect a packed crowd there.

There are two specialties hot ramen, the first one is the jigoku ramen (literally meaning ramen from hell) with 10 level of hotness and the other one is enma ramen with 5 level. I’ve tried both and I think I still prefer the jigoku. The jigoku ramen is served in a bowl of bloody red soup base, with yummy ramen noodles, slices of pork, and scallion. At level 3, the jigoku ramen is already very hot for me, certainly saluting those who can have the level 10 jigoku and finish the hot soup as well.  I think most people would agree that this ramen joint is one of the best in Jakarta.  The price is very affordable and it tastes superb.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – definitely jigoku ramen
What to order next time – will try the non-hot/spicy ramen
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 1 star
Service rating – 2 star



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