Dear fellow tasters,

Behold one of the latest additions to Ismaya Group, the company that proudly bring us Social House, Kitchenette – Restaurant & Crêperie, recently open on the ground floor of Plaza Indonesia Extension. With its open view kitchen and open dining area, Kitchenette is supposedly just like what the name says, an experience of dining in a heart-warming kitchen. However, patronage does not come easy, competition is fierce, and waiting list full of high-heeled and label-dressed ladies is a common sighting. After failing to get a decent table at first try with a waiting list time of almost an hour and still no table for six people, I decided to give it another try by arriving early before lunch time and voila! we managed to get a table, though definitely not the best one.

Since I arrived pretty early, like 30 minutes before lunch time and the others are on their way, I decided to order grandma stella’s lychee elixir to drink while waiting. The elixir turned out to be quite refreshing and although it was actually lychee tea, it was nicely poured inside a cute sophisticated glass jar. Once the five of us settled in our chairs, these are what we ordered: two savoury galettes édouard and arnaud for two ladies, another gusteau galette for me with a side of spanish tomato soup, and baked macaroni and spicy hamburg steak on rice for the other two. The savoury galette is some kind of thin crêpe made from buckwheat flour and depending on your order, is served with cheese, veggies, or meat on top of it. The édouard came with turkey ham, mushroom, mozzarella, and fresh salad – tasted quite nice but too much veggies and not enough ham. The arnaud was served with mini beef hamburg, sunny-side-up egg, swiss, and grilled onions – didn’t really tasted the hamburg but the grilled onions were transferred to me because my friend didn’t like onions and they were pretty tasty. My gusteau was topped with mozzarella, rosemary, roast potato, and generous slices of turkey bacon – yummy but not really filling; it was a good thing I also ordered the spanish tomato soup which was served with poached egg and tasted very fresh, nicely sour, and tangy. I did taste a little bit of the baked macaroni which was served with turkey ham and loads of cheese and it was appetizingly creamy and delicious. Meanwhile, the spicy hamburg steak was plated on rice, topped with fried egg and seaweed flake, and surrounded by spicy sauce – also quite tasty and generously portioned.

All in all, it was a wonderful lunch and we did manage to prolong our time there because of the struggle we had just to get a table, couldn’t care less for the strangers on the waiting list lol. But on general we all thought that the portion is not really satisfactory. Frankly we were also a bit disappointed by the service, even a friend of mine had to grab a spoon herself because the waiters are all super busy. She also had to call more than 3 times just to get her spicy hamburg steak served. Thankfully, we managed to complain to the friendly ‘bule’ manager and the steak was written off of our bill, otherwise my service rating for it would probably be 1 star.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – loved the spanish tomato soup and the galettes, also the baked macaroni
What to order next time – might try the sweet crêpes, other pasta or galette
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star


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