Moya Tapas & Wine Bar

tapas @ moya

Dear fellow tasters,

A Tapas place is hard to find in good old Jakarta, but one is stuck away on the ground floor of Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade, called Moya Tapas and Wine Bar. After failing to go there on a Sunday evening because it’s closed on Sundays, my couple friends and me was finally able to try it out on the second occasion. Small, cozy, dim-lighted, with Spanish-accentuated decor and ambiance, Moya offers a various selection of tapas and other Spanish cuisines.  No actual printed menu was available and to order we had to look at the chalkboard menu and ask the friendly chefs. We ordered several tapas to share and these are what I can say about our tapas evening enjoyment.

The first to arrive at our table was the dedo de queso which was fried battered cheddar cheese, tasted quite nice as a start and the sauce was a perfect tangy dip for the cheese. Three tapas appeared next, the delectable tortilla del dia or Spanish omelette, with spinach, ham and mozarella cheese; the tasty albondigas or Spanish meat balls with tomatoey and herby sauce; but our fave was definitely the roasted suckling pig (not sure what to call in Spanish) with scrumptious roasted suckling pig shreds, fresh veggies, tomato slices on crunchy tortillas complete with delightful accompanying sauce. Our final tapas was the empanadillas, the classic Spanish stuffed pastry which tasted pretty delicious. Still a bit hungry only eating tapas, we finally ordered the paella valenciana to finish our evening and it also turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Although it might be a little hard on the credit card bill, Moya is definitely a fine alternative to dining or hanging out if you’re looking for a fine place with high-quality fine food. We might even come back there if say, they have 50% discount promo or something. Buen provecho! Buen apetito!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the roasted suckling pig and the meatballs
What to order next time – definitely want to try out all the menu on the chalkboard if we don’t care about the bill lol…
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 3 star


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