Din Tai Fung

xiao long bao @ din tai fung

Dear fellow tasters,

It was before noon on a Monday and the ladies from my former workplace were already buzzing on YM about going out for lunch. Din Tai Fung on Plaza Indonesia was the choice of the day. Claiming to be one of the world’s best restaurants, the menu offers a variety of Chinese cuisine and their specialty is the xiao long bao (small dragon steamed dumpling). These are what the six of us ordered: one order of chicken xiao long bao to share, three orders of beef angsio noodle (two with spinach/green noodle), two orders of szechuan sliced beef noodle, one order of roast duck noodle, and chrysanthemum tea to drink.

Six pieces of xia long bao appeared on the dumpling basket, one for each of us just enough to get our appetite going. There’s a certain ritual on how to eat the xiao long bao, that is you have to break open the dumpling so the juice would come out. First, drink the juice and afterwards pick some ginger slices with the chopstick, dip them in vinegar and soy sauce, slip them in the middle of the xiao long bao, and then it’s ready for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, my angsio beef noodle tasted quite nice, with spinach noodle in a soy-sauce-based soup topped with tender beef chunks. I didn’t get a taste of what my other friends were having but they looked quite delicious although one of them (a petite lady with a huge appetite) complained that the szechuan sliced beef noodle portion was too small for her.

Although I won’t really rate it as one of the world’s best restaurants, I still find Din Tai Fung a pretty enjoyable place especially for the xiao long bao and it can definitely be an alternative if you’re craving for some noodle or Chinese for lunch or dinner.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the xiao long bao and angsio beef noodle
What to order next time – different xiao long bao menu
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star



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