Kopitiam Oey


kopitiam oey

Dear fellow tasters,

This a continuation of my Lara Djonggrang post. Actually after the lunch, my friends and I thought of going to Kemang area to look for some sweet desserts. However, unusually bad traffic on that sunday, due to some exhibition event in senayan, forced us to turn around and look for another alternative. Then we all agreed to get ourself some afternoon drinks at jalansutra’s culinary master, Bondan Winarno’s Kopitiam Oey.

Located in the heart of central Jakarta on Sabang (now Agus Salim) street, is a small but nevertheless unique coffee shop. Decorated with bird cage lamps and old oriental posters and paintings, Kopitiam Oey offers a selection of coffee drinks, snacks, and other food items. Feeling pretty sated from lunch, my couple friends decided to order cold blended italian coffee and hot ‘teh poci’ (tea in a clay tea pot) to drink and banana fritter to nibble on. As for myself, I chose the cold filtered indochina coffee.

My coffee was served in a simple glass with the coffee still dripping from the filter and condensed milk to complement and sweeten it. It turned out that it tasted pretty strong and delicious and it kept me pretty alert and awake for many hours, even until the day after lol. I didn’t try out my friends’ drink, but the banana fritter tasted pretty decent with drizzled chocolate sauce and whipped cream served on top of fried banana which was really not what we had in mind for banana fritter (we imagined it would be more like the fried battered version of banana fritter or known as ‘pisang goreng’).

Despite the excellent coffee, the place is pretty cozy for a hangout with friends for a good laughter and a great conversation. The menu items are also quite conveniently priced that you could get two glasses of excellent coffee there for the price that you pay for a starbucks or coffee beans.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite item – the filtered indochina coffee
What to order next time – other coffee menu, also read somewhere that the crab noodle is yummy
Food/coffee rating – 3 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star



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