food and drink @ canteen

Dear fellow tasters,

After catching a glimpse of this new place that looked pretty crowded on a friday night, I decided to give it a try for dinner after work. Canteen, that’s what the place is called, is located in Plaza Indonesia and offers a restaurant-slash-bar-slash-hangout-slash-bookstore-extension spot for mall-goers, serious drinkers, food lovers, and bookish types alike since it’s connected to Aksara bookstore and operated by the same management, I presume.

When I arrived, the place is only half packed, probably because it was a weekday. My first impression was that the place is nicely decorated with flowers, candles and subdued lighting and the waiters are quite friendly with a snobbish attitude to it. After browsing at the menu, I decided to order escargot for appetizer, spaghetti aglio olio with beef bacon for main, and lychee tea to drink. Upon delivering the drink, the waiter noticed that my table was a bit shaky and adjusted it appropriately – and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s how service should be, we’re even charged for it on the bill…’

The spaghetti appeared first because apparently I mentioned the escargot to the waiter but forgot to tell her that I wanted to order it. The spaghetti aglio olio, which was recommended by the waiter, had a very simple and delicate taste, with garlic, olive oil, slices of chili, sprinkle of basil (I think), and chops of beef bacon. It tasted quite nice but not really that special to me, furthermore the portion was a bit to small to my liking (already deciding to buy breadtalk to eat for later lol). The escargot was more of a disappointment to me, the appearance looked quite nice, but a portion only consisted of six snail-inside-thingies cooked with garlic and butter placed on top of half tiny bread and also tasted pretty bland that I had to ask for salt and pepper to season it.

Overall, I can say that it’s a hip atmospheric place but the food is pretty standard and the portion is small. The service is excellent but can be a bit too much. Lastly, I’m adding a new service rating starting from this post. Enjoy…

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – only had two dishes, so i guess the spaghetti aglio olio
What to order next time – might not consider going back there but if i do, maybe something asian, french, or steak
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 3 star


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