Cafe’ Cartel

giabatta with beef ribs @ cafe' cartel

Dear fellow tasters,

It was friday evening and after a day of meetings at work discussing stuffs without any real solution, I decided to eat out for dinner to destress my mind and fulfill my gastronomic desire.  I ended up at Djakarta Theater building and crossing out Burger King from my options, I laid my choice upon Cafe’ Cartel just across from it.

After looking at the slogan claiming to be ‘the best ribs and pasta in town’, at first I intended to order something from the ribs menu.  However, checking the price of the ribs dishes, I decided that maybe it’s best to go to Tony Roma’s for ribs that are definitely worth the value.  So, I ordered the giabatta (supposed to be Italian bread) with beef ribs on mushroom sauce – so I can get how the actual ribs menu may taste like – and blackcurrant tea for drink.

The giabatta was served more like a burger (which was what the waiter actually said about it) with ribs cutlets and some fries on the side.  The ribs cutlets tasted quite decent, but the portion was not enough to my liking.  The giabatta was plain and there was nothing special about it.  Even the dilmah blackcurrant ice tea was not blackcurrant enough.  I concluded that it was probably a poor choice of menu on my side and I should have ordered other dish, like the ribs or pasta.  Or maybe I should have gone to BK or MOS Burger on the first place after all.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – none that I can say
What to order next time – doubt that I will return to this restaurant, but if I do, maybe the ribs or pasta as a chance to prove me wrong on this post
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star


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