Social House

roasted lamb rack @ social house

Dear fellow tasters,

It’s been a year since my last post and I’ve made up my mind to continue this blog after having dinner recently with some friends in a nice fancy place called the Social House.  From this post onward, I’ll try to keep it short and simple but hopefully still readable and enjoyable.

Social House is located in the heart of Jakarta, that is inside the glamorous Harvey Nichols department store in Grand Indonesia Mall, with a veranda looking out to a view of Bundaran HI.  I’ve only been to Social House once, but I didn’t eat or drink back then, so I was pretty excited about the dinner.  The place was pretty crowded on a Sunday evening, but we still managed to get a table without getting into the waiting list, albeit in the smoking area.  The dim lighting and the cozy atmosphere make this place suitable for a nice evening dinner with friends or simply just for a drink and a snack.  However, when we looked at the menu, my friends and I commented on the same thing that there’s just to many different things from different taste bundled up together in an international menu.  Well, at least there’s the East and West division in there.  After putting some thoughts into what to order, here’s what we came up with: caesar salad and vietnamese fresh spring roll for appetizer, and for main course to share the pappardelle tossed, the ossobuco braised veal, and the roasted lamb rack.  We also ordered some mocktails to wash down the food.

Here’s the verdict.  The vietnamese spring roll is pretty much standard, but the caesar salad is nicely served in small layered servings with croutons, turkey bacon, cheese, and mayonaisse slipped inside a lettuce leaf which makes it easy to pick up just by using your hand.  The first main course to be served at our table was the pappardelle pasta, which looked quite appetizing and actually tasted pretty delicious.  We didn’t really know how pappardelle looks like when we ordered, but it’s somewhat a wider version of fettuccini.   The ossobuco veal arrived at the table looking like a big slab of meat covered with sauce, served on top of a big portion of mash potato.  I don’t really know which part the meat is taken from, but apparently the big slab of meat is mostly a big bone with only a small portion of meat in it.  The veal tasted just fine but the mash potato really made us full in an instant, so there was plenty of leftover of this that nobody wanted to finish.  The last main course was the highlight of the evening.  The roasted lamb rack was served medium well, three pieces of tender lamb rack served with herby white sauce and some salty crispy herb sprinkle which complemented the lamb perfectly, and roasted potatoes on the side.  Full and feeling satiated, we didn’t order dessert and simply enjoyed the apple virgin mojito, lily of the valley, forget me not mocktails, and mango tango smoothy.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the roasted lamb rack definitely
What to order next time – maybe the steak or something from the east menu
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$$
Ambiance rating – 4 star


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