Aji Tei

three color roll @ aji tei

Dear fellow tasters,

It was several weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and after a week of discussing where to go for Friday lunch, my friends at work and I decided to go to Pacific Place, the latest addition to already-so-many fancy shopping malls here in the heart of Jakarta.  The food court area there is actually pretty nice, with a marina theme, artificial ocean and weather-beaten wood flooring, offering a wide selection of restaurants and cafes to choose from.  After wandering around the area, my colleagues and I finally chose Aji Tei, one of the many Japanese restaurants there.

Once settled in the fancy-designed cozy-feeling dining area, my friends ordered the beef tonpeiyaki, the grilled curry rice, the chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki lunch set menu, while I decided to try the chicken toji premium set menu.  In addition, I also ordered the three color sushi roll to share, and a friend who’s not having anything to eat ordered a chocolate milkshake.

I didn’t get a taste of what my friends were having, but from their appearance, the chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki set menu looked pretty decent, served with rice, salad and miso soup, although a bit small in portion.  My friend who ordered the chicken teriyaki were looking a bit disappointed by this lol…  Also, I didn’t get a chance to take a peek at the grilled curry rice, but my friend’s beef tonpeiyaki actually looked kind of delicious.  It looked like a pancake or omelette filled with vegetables and beef, I suppose, and drizzled with mayo and barbeque sauce, I think.  My chicken toji premium set menu was quite filling because it already included rice, salad, agedashi tofu, miso soup, and two slices of watermelon.  The chicken toji itself was like chicken katsu (fried battered chicken), but it was cooked again with egg and slices of onion on a hot plate.  It tasted quite decent, although a bit plain to my liking.  Lastly, the three color roll looked very appetizing, with the roll shaped into triangles, and it also tasted quite good.  The roll was filled with unagi and cucumber, some covered with tobiko, some with black caviar, and some with wasabi flavoured tobiko, thus the name three color roll.

Although the place is very nice and the food tastes pretty decent, I would rate Aji Tei as standard, cause you can find many other Japanese restaurants that serve yummier food.  However, it is still a great place to dine, and I wouldn’t really say no if someone is willing to treat me there someday lol…

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the three color roll was pretty nice
What to order next time – maybe the sushi rolls, the meat and seafood menus and the desserts
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star


2 responses to “Aji Tei

  1. Aji Tei Pacific Place ? Good Food, Good Salad with Good Cocroach inside. Lunch 13022009

    My comment: I feel bad for you but you should complain to them directly or post in surat pembaca kompas. Cheers, D.A.

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