crispy duck with curry sauce @ y&y

Dear fellow tasters,

It was Thursday noon, lunch time, and a colleague of mine from Malaysia was in town.  He already asked me the day before to join him and another colleague for lunch.  When he called, I suggested that we should go to Grand Indonesia shopping mall which has become a budding good food paradise in the center of the city.  So there we were, faced with so many options of where to grab something to eat.  With no specific destination in mind, after a quick wandering and due to limited lunch time, we decided to raid the first place we laid our eyes on, the Y&Y restaurant.

Decorated and outfitted with all white fancy and modern interior design, Y&Y offers a variety of international cuisine, from steak, sushi, pasta, rice bowl, pizza, and many more.  When I asked about their recommended menu, the waiter said we should try ordering the wagyu steak which we thought would be very nice but kind of a bit expensive.  Thus, what my Malaysian colleague ordered was the BBQ back ribs and my other colleague’s order was crispy duck with curry sauce in a hot bowl rice.  Meanwhile, I finally decided to try the wagyu cubes in black pepper sauce, also in a hot bowl rice.  For drinks, my two friends ordered lolo affogato which is espresso with cappuccino ice cream and bye bye cholesterol which is a squash of apricot and orange, whereas I only had the peppermint ice tea which is not that pepperminty for all I care.

The food finally arrived, and we all tried a bite of one another’s dish.  The BBQ back ribs looked pretty plain, two barbequed ribs with only garlic bread on the side, yet still it tasted quite nice.  Meanwhile, the crispy duck was pretty tasty, but it was served with supposedly curry sauce which tasted more like ‘sambal’ or ‘rendang’ sauce.  Finally, my wagyu cubes in black pepper sauce was pretty much delicious.  The wagyu cubes were tender and moderately portioned, served with rice on a hot bowl with a slice of raddish and bok choy.

I think I’d categorize this restaurant as a fancy dining place because of the not-so-cheap price tag.  However, the pleasant atmosphere and the decent taste should be good enough reason to return there to try some other different menus.  I might even try the wagyu steak or the xxl pizza which is measured 20 cm wide and 60 cm long with three different version of toppings.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the wagyu cubes in black pepper sauce
What to order next time – the wagyu steak, the xxl pizza, some sushi or pasta
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star


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