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volcano @ poké sushi

Dear fellow tasters,

As I haven’t gone out to any new places recently, I suppose I can write a post about one of my favorite sushi places here in beloved yet crowded Jakarta. I guess most of you Jakartanian sushi lovers would have known this place called Poké Sushi which offers a variety of Japanese menu, especially the all you can eat sushi menu. This restaurant is perfect for a dining out time with three or more friends, since you will be able to share and taste different kinds of appetizers, sushi rolls, and even the udon or the rice combos. If I’m not mistaken, they have 4 outlets open around Jakarta, one in front of Dharmawangsa Square, one in Crowne Plaza Hotel, one in Pondok Indah Mall 2, and the last one in Grand Indonesia ‘Food Louvers’, but my favorite place – and I think the nicest with a very cozy atmosphere – would be the one in Crowne Plaza Hotel.

There are three options for the all you can eat menu. The cheapest would be the hand roll set (Rp 75k++/pax), and then there’s the sushi roll set (Rp 85k++/pax), and the indulge-yourself set (Rp 125k++/pax) which includes almost all of the ala carte menu, that is to say hand rolls, sushi rolls, yummy appetizers, sashimi combos, udons, and rice combos. The drinks are not included, but you can always get the refillable cold ocha or hot ocha and you’ll drink yourself to death lol…

About the food, I think I’ll just mention some of the choices that are definitely worth ordering, worth waiting for, and totally worth saving a little place in your stomach for. Starting from the appetizers, if you’re looking for something light you might want to try the delicate chawan mushi or the salads. For salads, I definitely recommend the seaweed salad (very small in portion, so just order like one for each person in the table), the seasoned jellyfish, the crab salad, and especially the chef’s special salmon salad (raw salmon slices with cucumbers and topped with delicious mayo). Other great appetizers would be the dynamite (diced scallop baked with some creamy and spicy sauce called the aioli sauce which looks like a result of an explosion – that’s probably why it’s called dynamite) and the volcano (which is small sushi rolls with salmon, crabstick, and carrot wrapped in nori, baked with the yummy aioli sauce). These last two you might want to order early considering it might take some time to do the baking. Different appetizers that I totally recommend would be the prawn tempura appetizer (five pieces of fresh deep fried prawn with tempura coating, especially for you who shun raw fish), the sashimi appetizer (small portion of sashimi), the fresh water eel kabayaki (also known as unagi which is grilled eel, my favorite), the grilled salmon head served with spicy chili sauce, and the crispy soft shell crab (deep fried, served with tobiko and mayo).

Next menu would be the hand rolls or tamaki. They are pretty decent, especially if you like hand rolls. I like hand rolls because they have those big nori sheet wrapping the rice lol… Anyway, there are different kinds of them, some I can mention is the california hand roll, the crunchy unagi hand roll, and the spider hand roll with the soft shell crab inside if I’m not mistaken. For sushi rolls, there are plenty to choose from. For unagi lovers, I definitely recommend the crunchy dragon roll roa which is sushi roll with tempura crunch and cream cheese on the inside, topped with scrumptious unagi slices, with a traditional twist, which is the manado roa crispy sambal sprinkled on the rice. If you’re looking for something more filling, there are the rising sun roll and the half baked dynamite. The rising sun roll is made of avocado, crabstick, and cream cheese, rolled with tuna, tobiko, sushi rice, and nori into a ball-shaped roll, and then fried with crispy coating, served with chili sauce and mayo shaped into sunrays on the plate – thus the name rising sun roll. You’d probably want to order just one portion of the rising sun roll to share with three or four friends and enjoy it before you’re feeling full with other dishes in order to truly appreciate the yumminess of it. Meanwhile, the half baked dynamite is california roll sushi topped with dynamite and all the spiciness and tastiness of it. They also have half baked fish dynamite, with fish instead of scallop, but I definitely prefer the scallop one. Other sushi rolls you might want to try would be the super crunchy special roll with tempura crunch and topped with sweet shrimp, and the shrimp tempura roll with avocado, crabstick, and shrimp tempura rolled with tobiko.

Other menu to enjoy, especially for sashimi addicts, would be the sashimi combo with salmon, tuna, and yellowtail sashimi, ahi Poké or salmon salad, and crabstick, or you can also try the sushi combo or sushi sashimi combo if you are still craving for more. I don’t really like ordering the rice combos, donbury, or the udons because they can be pretty filling, but if you like, they have various selections of don, rice combos, and udons including chirashi (a selection of sashimi on a bed so sushi rice), unagi don/rice combo, grilled salmon rice combo, grilled cod fish rice combo, beef udon, prawn tempura udon, dynamite udon, and many more.

If you’re looking for something sweet for dessert, they only have two choice of dessert, the ice cream and the tempura ice cream but they’re not included in the all you can eat price. For the tempura ice cream, you can choose between ogura, chocolate, vanilla, or green tea ice cream which is then coated with some kind of dough and then fried just like tempura.

All in all, I always enjoy dining here and I definitely recommend this place, especially for you all raw fish lovers. Nevertheless, I really think they could continuously update their menu selection with new innovative fusion sushi and other dishes so that when I go there again, I won’t order the same menu over and over again.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – all of the above mentioned dishes lol
What to order next time – probably the same favorite menu, or try some other choice I haven’t ordered
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star



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