Ken Ken Bigul [Closed]

babi guling @ ken-ken bigul

Dear fellow tasters,

I finally had some time to write another post after quite a hectic second week at my new workplace.  This should be a short one about a new cheap-eat place in the Kelapa Gading precinct which I visited actually at the same day when I had lunch at Helen’s.

Still, with my two friends from Helen’s and with an additional friend of mine, after a fancy lunch at a fancy place, we decided to look for a decent place to eat with a decent price-tag.  That’s why we headed to Kelapa Gading, one of the many culinary centrum of Jakarta.  Right at the near end of Kelapa Gading Boulevard, was Ken Ken Babi Guling, claiming to serve authentic Balinese Babi Guling (I guess I’ll call call this roast pork, because I don’t know what to replace ‘Guling’ with in English lol).

I’ve heard a lot about Balinese Bigul from my friend who actually comes from Bali and I was actually pretty curious about it.  So I did order the ‘Babi Guling Super’ menu along with my other two friends, while my other friend ordered the ‘Ayam Betutu’ (Betutu chicken which is a traditional Balinese chicken dish).

The Bigul was pretty delicious (a bit small in portion according to my preference lol, nevertheless still value for money), complete with pork satay, ‘lawar putih’ (made from cassava leaves), some stir fried long bean, and crispy pork skin.  I didn’t get a chance to taste the ‘Ayam Betutu’ but I guess it would be quite yummy too.

I definitely could recommend this place for a casual night out with friends on a budget.  Surely will come back there for some more bigul or other menus.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – I only had the bigul, so yes the bigul super lol
What to order next time – the ‘Ayam Betutu’ and some tengiri menu???
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star


3 responses to “Ken Ken Bigul [Closed]

    • Thank you… Yes, i only use a pocket digicam for the pictures… Not yet a professional photographer with professional digital SLR camera but hopefully heading that way lol…

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